Homemade Flavors

Be sure to check out our current homemade ice cream flavors,
made right here at Ice Cream Works! We use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients when available. Our ice creams are at least 14% butterfat for a creamier product.

Homemade flavors will rotate in and out. Our creativity is bigger than our freezer space. Feel free to call to see which flavors are in stock. We do hand pack pints and quarts too. 

Aztec Chocolate: Milk Chocolate ice cream with chili powder, a hint of cinnamon and sriracha

Banana Nut Bread: An ice cream version of Diane’s spiced banana walnut bread

Black Cherry Swirl: Black Cherry ice cream with a chocolate swirl

Black Raspberry Chip: Black Raspberry ice cream with chocolate chips

Blueberry Crumble: Pureed, locally sourced blueberry based ice cream with a buttery, brown sugar crumble

Caught in the Rain: Pina Colada-pineapple, coconut with a touch of rum

Chocolate Strawberry Wine*: Chocolate ice cream infused with strawberry wine.

Coconut Cream: Vegan, non dairy, gluten free and awesome! Very popular coconut milk ice cream with shredded coconut

Christmas Cookie: Vanilla ice cream with sugar cookie pieces, buttercream frosting swirls and sprinkles

Cookies and Irish Cream: Oreo cookie pieces in irish cream flavored ice cream

Earl Grey with Lavender: Earl Grey tea steeped with locally sourced lavender

Eggnog: Creamy with just the right amount of spices

German Chocolate Cake: Milk Chocolate Coconut ice cream with a caramel swirl

Ginger Snap: Crushed Ginger ice cream with ginger snap pieces

Grandma’s Peanut Butter Cookies: Peanut Butter ice cream with peanut butter cookies and crushed peanuts

Hyde Park Homer: Vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, peanuts and cracker jacks

I Love Nutella: Chocolate hazelnut ice cream inspired by teenager customers who “love Nutella”

Lemon Poundcake*: Homemade lemon poundcake and lemoncello make this lemon ice cream a fun adult treat

Mulled Cider Sorbet: Locally sourced cider spends a warm night with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves and orange. Non dairy, vegan, fat and gluten free.

NY Potholes: Chocolate ice cream with a jolt of coffee brandy, chocolate “dirt” cookie crunch, chocolate chips and a white chocolate stripe

Nutcracker: Crushed mixed nuts in a hazelnut ice cream with a caramel swirl

Ode to Pat: A very requested flavor that the legendary Pat Mitchell’s made. It’s simply Grapenut ice cream- a soft vanilla with a malty taste.

Peppermint Chip: Peppermint ice cream with mini chocolate chips

Pink Squirrel:  One of Diane’s favorite retro drinks inspired this tasty flavor. A touch of amaretto with locally sourced strawberries

Right Turn, Clyde: Mike’s fun flavor inspired by a Clint Eastwood film from his childhood. We put a lot of bananas in this one and throw in a bunch of chocolate chips for good measure.

Rumchata*: Rumchata (horchata with rum) gets thrown in the mix and we add a graham cracker swirl to make this fantastic flavor.

Saturday Morning Special: Mike created an ice cream that tastes like finishing that last spoon of fruity cereal with marshmallows and sugary milk

Somewhere Warm: This flavor was inspired by memories of laying on the beach in Mexico. By March we are all craving to be somewhere warm. Coconut, mango and pineapple are gently folded together for a tropical treat.

Sweater Weather: Hello fall! Apple ice cream with locally sourced donuts, spices and a caramel stripe

Sweet Corn with Cracked Pepper: Buttery, locally sourced sweet corn with a bit of cracked pepper

The Great Pumpkin: Pumpkin ice cream

Tipsy Berry*: Blackberry brandy infused black raspberry ice cream

Tropical Chocolate: Nondairy, vegan and gluten free chocolate ice cream with coconut and orange flavors

Turtle Cheesecake: Cheesecake ice cream with a caramel swirl, graham cracker swirls, peanuts and chocolate chips

Upside Down Pineapple Cake: Yellow cake batter ice cream with lots of pineapple and cherries

Watermelon Pomegranate Sorbet: Juiced pomegranate and pureed watermelon combine in this refreshing summery treat.

*Must be 21 to sample and/or purchase